A Faithful Gathering (The Sisters of Lancaster County #3) by Leslie Gould (review by Cathy)


a faithful gathering

About the book:

Leisel Bachmann left her Amish roots and beloved sisters to pursue a career in medicine without a second thought. She has an Englisch boyfriend, Nick Jordan, and dreams of a new life–but those dreams come crashing down when her sister Marie is diagnosed with cancer.

Soon nothing is going as she planned–not her state boards, not her first nursing job, and certainly not her relationship with Nick. As she becomes increasingly discouraged, her aunt shares the story of Leisel’s grandfather during World War II and the struggle he faced between returning to Lancaster or being with the woman he loved.

Peace and a vision for the future are difficult to find, and when Nick leaves Pennsylvania for a completely new life, Leisel is faced with impossible choices. Will she stay in Lancaster, close to her family and the traditions of her past? Or learn from her grandfather’s story and embrace a life of love and service in an uncertain future? 

My thoughts:

I have been waiting for the third book in, The Sisters of Lancaster series and let me just tell you, it is well worth the wait. Reading this is like visiting old friends because even though it’s been awhile since you’ve caught up with them it’s seems like you are just picking up where you left off the last time you were together. That is one of the many things I love about this author is how she draws you in from the beginning with her well crafted characters and well researched plots. If you are familiar with the authors work then you know she writes dual time lines that leave you wanting to know more about her characters ancestors.

Ms. Gould reunites the Bachmann family on their farm so there are characters who I have come to love along with some new characters that I grew fond of. My all time favorite of everyone throughout this series has been Aenti Suz! Goodness, that dear lady can tell a story since she knows so much family history. There are different reasons families come together and in this book, Leisel
who has left her Amish roots to become a nurse goes home to be with her sister Marie who is having serious health issues. Leisel has a lot to think while she’s helping her family, she is concerned about passing her state boards, her Englisch boyfriend Nick, a Mennonite Doctor who has taken a personal interest in her and why her Mamm is behaving the way she did. I found Mamm to be cold and dispassionate for the most part.

There is so much to love about this book but my favorite part was when Aenti Suz shares the story of her father (Liesel’s grandfather) a story that Liesel needs to hear so she can come to terms with what is happening in her life. I loved how the author wove the two storylines together showing how past decisions are relevant to present decisions that Liesel must make.
As a fan of both Amish and Historical fiction this book this hit mark on my favorite genres. I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy one or both of these genres.

I received a copy from the publisher and was under no obligation to write a review. All opinions are my own.

The White City by Grace Hitchcock (review by Kristi)

the white city.jpg

About the bookWhile attending the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, Winnifred Wylde believes she witnessed a woman being kidnapped. She tries to convince her father, an inspector with the Chicago police, to look into reports of mysterious disappearances around the White City. Inspector Wylde tries to dismiss her claims as exaggeration of an overactive imagination, but he eventually concedes to letting her go undercover as secretary to the man in question—if she takes her pistol for protection and Jude Thorpe, a policeman, for bodyguard.

Will she be able to expose H. H. Holmes’s illicit activity, or will Winnifred become his next victim?

Publication Date:  March 1, 2019

Publisher: Barbour Books

Genre:  Historical fiction, Mystery

Series:  True Colors, #1


My thoughts: When I received an email inviting me to read this book I read no further than Chicago World’s Fair and kidnapping before accepting the invitation. I knew this book must somehow center around H.H. Holmes whom I had previously read about and maybe a bit fascinated by. I wasn’t sure what to really expect from this book but knew I had to read it. I was not disappointed!

I immediately fell in love with Winnifred Wylde. She’s adventuresome, witty, and an avid reader so what’s there not to love? While on a disastrous date at the World’s Fair she sees a woman being kidnapped. What better way to ditch a date than try to save the woman? But when that can’t be done Winnifred goes to her father who is an inspector with the Chicago police department. He relents and lets her go undercover to find the woman but she must have a bodyguard and that’s where policeman Jude Thorpe enters the story. And Jude is such a swoon-worthy character. He’s strong, masculine, and charming. There’s such natural chemistry between Judy and Winnifred that readers will soon find themselves wanting these two to fall in love. These two characters are on my list of all-time favorites!

This story is a romance and American crime story that has a perfect mix of each. The author does a great job of putting in details surround Holmes and his schemes and mixes it well with the fictional characters and situations. The author’s writing style is wonderful and I found myself surprised that this was a debut novel. It reads like one from a seasoned author. She pulled me into the story and kept my interest until the very end and perhaps left me wanting a bit more. I loved the characters and story so much that I hated to say goodbye to them. Her descriptions made me feel as if I were there with the characters experiencing the fair, romance, and mystery right along with them.

I definitely recommend this book to fans of historical fiction, true crime, and romance. The three combine for a wonderfully written story that’s incredibly entertaining. This is a story I won’t soon forget and I’ll be early awaiting more stories from this author.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley and was not required to write a review. All opinions are mine.


About the authorGrace Hitchcock is the author of The White City and The Gray Chamber from Barbour Publishing. She has written multiple novellas in The Second Chance Brides, The Southern Belle Brides, and the Thimbles and Threads collections with Barbour Publishing. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in History. Grace lives in southern Louisiana with her husband, Dakota, and son.

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Brunch at Bittersweet Café (Supper Club #2) by Carla Laureano (review by Cathy)+ GIVEAWAY



About the Book

Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe

Title: Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe

Author: Carla Laureano

Genre: Christian Romance

Release date: February 5, 2019

Publisher: Tyndale

Baker and pastry chef Melody Johansson has always believed in finding the positive in every situation, but seven years after she moved to Denver, she can’t deny that she’s stuck in a rut. One relationship after another has ended in disaster, and her classical French training is being wasted on her night job in a mediocre chain bakery. Then the charming and handsome private pilot Justin Keller lands on the doorstep of her workplace in a snowstorm, and Melody feels like it’s a sign that her luck is finally turning around.

Justin is intrigued by the lively bohemian baker, but the last thing he’s looking for is a relationship. His own romantic failures have proven that the demands of his job are incompatible with meaningful connections, and he’s already pledged his life savings to a new business venture across the country—an island air charter in Florida with his sister and brother-in-law.

Against their better judgment, Melody and Justin find themselves drawn together by their unconventional career choices and shared love of adventure. But when an unexpected windfall provides Melody with the chance to open her dream bakery-café in Denver with her best friend, chef Rachel Bishop, she’s faced with an impossible choice: stay and put down roots with the people and place she’s come to call home . . . or give it all up for the man she loves.

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Carla Laureano is the RITA® Award-winning author of contemporary inspirational romance and Celtic fantasy (as C.E. Laureano). A graduate of Pepperdine University, she worked as a sales and marketing executive for nearly a decade before leaving corporate life behind to write fiction full-time. She currently lives in Denver with her husband and two sons, where she writes during the day and cooks things at night.



“Confessions of An Erstwhile Baker”

Like most females, baking is encoded somewhere deep down in my DNA. Call it nature or call it nurture, but at the earliest age, I figured out that the cute boy in my English class would talk to me if it involved chocolate chip cookies. Got my heart broken or had a friend betray me? I grabbed the mixing bowl and went for the brownies (even better if they’re served à la mode.) My friend was having a birthday? I made a cake drowned in pounds of buttercream.

I quickly graduated from the boxed mixes to the real thing when I got married and had a kitchen large enough to roll out dough. I would comb magazines for the best recipes and spend my weekends trying them out. I quickly became known for bringing beautifully iced Christmas cookies and delicious homemade cakes to work.

Then my husband and I moved our young family from Los Angeles to Denver, a relocation that was about 1000 miles northeast and 5000 feet up. Suddenly, every recipe I’d perfected in the previous eight years failed. Cookies burned to crisps, cakes fell, and don’t get me started on candy making. Gradually, I adapted my recipes (my beloved never-fail Toll House recipe took eight tries to get right) and even became an avid artisan bread-baker.

Then disaster. Or at least, what a baker would consider a disaster. After developing chronic health problems, I discovered that among other things, I was sensitive to gluten. The horror! In order to heal, I turned to the paleo diet, which eliminates all grains (there goes most gluten free recipes) and all processed sugars (there goes everything else). I’ve tried baking paleo-style, and while I can now make cakes that even my gluten-fiend family enjoy, it’s just not the same.

So what’s a once-obsessive baker do when she can’t eat her creations? She bakes for other people and goes on faith that they actually taste good… considering she can’t taste them herself.

It struck me that there was a spiritual lesson in that, and an obvious tie to Brunch at Bittersweet Café, which deals in large part with Melody’s faith journey. There are times when we have no idea if things are working out the way they’re supposed to, in which case we just have to trust the “recipe” and the input of friends and family who love us. Sometimes our instincts tell us when we’re off track, and sometimes we need that outside nudge from our “taste-testers” to put us back on course.

In any case, what Melody and I have in common is that we both bake to show our love for the people around us. And the process of baking my favorites, even knowing that I can’t enjoy them myself, can still be a selfless way to show people they’re important to me.

Fortunately, macarons, which happen to be made with almond flour, are still on the menu.

My thoughts:

Food, fun and friendship is what’s on the menu in, Brunch at the Bittersweet Cafe. Add a huge amount of hard work, sprinkle with a little romance and voila, that’s the recipe for this perfectly charming novel.
I loved Melody the pastry chef who posts photos on her bookstagram account pairing her beautiful baked creations with just the right antique book. How genius is that? The descriptions of her desserts and breads are mouth-watering so you may want to have some pastries or something sweet to snack on while reading this one.  It was nice catching up with characters from, The Saturday Night Supper Club and meeting a few new ones.

Justin was easily one of my favorites because he is not only charming but willing to make a huge change in his life for his sister which made me love him instantly.  The attraction between Melody and Justin is a fun element that I enjoyed but I liked that they each had their own interests especially since she is in the process of opening a restaurant with Rachel who is still doing the Supper Club.

As much as I have liked both books in the series, I have to admit that I liked this one a little bit more.  I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book to find out what delightful treats the author will share with her readers.

I received a copy of this through Celebrate Lit.


bittersweet giveaway

To celebrate her tour, Carla is giving away a grand prize package of a macaron baking mat, a macaron book, and a paperback copy of Brunch at Bittersweet Café!!


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An Interview With Author Daphne Self

First off, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I lived in Mississippi for 39 years and moved to Iowa in 2014. I traded hot days for snow days. I’m not sure how to talk about myself other than to say I was first published under the name D.M. Webb (2009 was my first published book, I Lost My Hat). I was a widow with two sons at the time. In 2012 I remarried (my brother’s best friend), and I had my third book published a year later. After that, well life had a way of slowing things down. When I came back into the writing scene, I decided to use my married name. New life, new start– so to say.
That’s just a piece of who I am. I’m one of those people who have many facets. I’m a reader and an artist. I love the sciences and literature. Space is my number one love when it comes to science. I’m a devout Christian. A total geek when it comes to video games, science fiction, and fantasy, but I’m known to delve into a romance story every once in a while. I used to love to travel, and I do dream of seeing Scotland some day.
How did The Adventures of Wilhelmina come about?
I was watching my sister’s kids as they played a game with my sons. There were such diverse personalities among them, but they all share one thing in common: it was hard to find a book that they liked to read. So many stories had either a liberal social agenda or political leanings that were against our beliefs. Some had language not suitable for children. And I remembered those books I used to read as a children and wondered what happened to them. Then that thought led to older Disney movies and before long, The Adventures of Wilhelmina was born. And each kid had some input into it. They helped name Mr. Sniffles. They helped come up with scenarios about what would happen. My niece told me what Willie had to have for breakfast. LOL
What was your inspiration for The Case of The Missing Firehouse Dog?
Definitely my sons, nephews, and niece. Seeing them and wanting them and other children to have a clean and wholesome book where kids are just being kids.
Have you always wanted to write books for children?
Yes and no. The idea of writing for children came after I self-published my first book, I Lost My Hat. Even though I write novels and nonfiction, I find joy in creating small tales for children. It gives me a way to push the harshness of the world away and experience the innocence of my childhood.
Reading The Case of the Missing Firehouse Dog took me back to my childhood and the books I read.  I loved the innocence of the characters and story and it’s something that’s difficult to find these days in kids books.  Was it important to you as an author to bring this innocence back to the books kids read today?
Definitely YES! I scourged the bookstores trying to find books for my kids and presents for my nephews and nieces. Every book I came across seemed to have something in it that was unsuitable. Where were those books that just told a simple tale of mischievous kids and the scrapes they would get into, but all the while learn a lesson? Those books seemed to have disappeared. But I’m thrilled to see that more and more Christian authors are writing for children. We are bringing back those kind of books.
How many books will be in the series?
I plan on having 5. The Case of the Missing Firehouse Dog is the first of the series, naturally. I’m in the process of writing The Case of the Vanishing Teddy Bear. A new character will be introduced. I already have the titles laid out and tentative storylines. And I can’t wait until the kids meet Harold the Bearded Dragon! He won’t come on the scene until the fourth book.
(Note: I can’t wait to read the rest of the series and meet Harold even though I’m not a kid 🙂 )
What’s the most difficult part of writing a children’s book?  The easiest?
The most difficult part is making sure I have it on the reading level I need it. Sometimes I want to add too much detail. Kids have that unique ability to fill in the gaps with their imagination and I don’t want to take that away from them. The easiest is coming up with the scenarios and plot. By scenarios, I mean the antics of Willie and Jax.
When are you the most creative and what’s your writing style like?  Do you outline your stories or just let the characters control what’s happening?
I’m the most creative it seems at night since I’m a night owl. As for my writing style: emotional, concise, and full of faith. I use to just let the story flow from my fingertips aka characters show me what is happening. But with me having fibromyalgia, I sometimes cannot concentrate as well as I used to so I have learned to outline. I guess you could say that I am a half-n-half type of writer.
You are donating a portion of the proceeds of your book to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which is awesome!  Can you tell us why?
A long time ago, I had supported St. Jude with monthly installments. I love their dedication and how they help families no matter what. When I could no longer afford monthly donations, I gave as much as I could whenever I could. When I published I Lost My Hat, I did three 30 minute reading sessions for the kids. I was slotted for one, but some kids had treatments, so I stayed behind to make sure they had a chance to attend a reading. Afterwards I donated a wagon full of books to St. Jude. And I realized, this was something I had to do. Between then to now, I had a writer friend who lost her child to cancer. St. Jude was there every step of the way. Emma fought a good fight and St. Jude allowed her to have quite a few years. In the end, she decided to go Home. When I submitted The Case of the Missing Firehouse Dog, I was reminded of Emma and I joined a fellow author’s #authorroyaltychallenge. He chose Voice of the Martyrs. Another fellow author chose Samaritan’s Purse. But it was laid on my heart to choose St. Jude.
Other than The Adventures of Wilhelmina do you have any other books/series in the works?
I will have a book, Alabama Days, releasing either later this year or early next year. I just submitted it. It will be my second novel. I also am working on a nonfiction book titled Journey On. It’s a devotional journal chronicling the ups and downs of being diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I’m hoping it will reach others who suffer from this condition and show them that they are not alone. It is planned to be released September 2020. If I can ever figure out how to illustrate this particular book, I have one sitting on the sidelines. Plus, I have another book ready to be finished (it’s outlined) and I’m working on a science fiction novella as part of a collection.
Thank you, Daphne, for taking time out of your busy day and chatting.  I loved The Case of the Missing Firehouse Dog and can’t wait for readers to share in the adventures on release day!!!
Be sure to connect with Daphne on social media to stay up-to-date on all the latest news!
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And don’t forget to order your copy of The Case of the Missing Firehouse Dog today!!!
missing firehouse dog

A Faithful Gathering by Leslie Gould (review by Kristi)

a faithful gathering

About the bookLeisel Bachmann left her Amish roots and beloved sisters to pursue a career in medicine without a second thought. She has an Englisch boyfriend, Nick Jordan, and dreams of a new life–but those dreams come crashing down when her sister Marie is diagnosed with cancer.

Soon nothing is going as she planned–not her state boards, not her first nursing job, and certainly not her relationship with Nick. As she becomes increasingly discouraged, her aunt shares the story of Leisel’s grandfather during World War II and the struggle he faced between returning to Lancaster or being with the woman he loved.

Peace and a vision for the future are difficult to find, and when Nick leaves Pennsylvania for a completely new life, Leisel is faced with impossible choices. Will she stay in Lancaster, close to her family and the traditions of her past? Or learn from her grandfather’s story and embrace a life of love and service in an uncertain future?

Publication Date:  February 5, 2019

Publisher:  Bethany House Publishing

Genre:  Amish Fiction

Series:  The Sisters of Lancaster County, #3


My thoughtsI think dual timeline stories would be very difficult as an author to write. They not only have to get the reader interested in one story but two, then keep that interest throughout both stories and ultimately tie the two stories together in a believable way. But that’s exactly what Leslie Gould has done in A Faithful Gathering. Two wonderfully written stories that connect in a very realistic way and with characters you’ll find yourself cheering on.

I was hooked from the very beginning of this story. There’s a lot going on in the story as far as Liesel. She’s about to become a nurse and begin her life with boyfriend Nick, who is also a nurse. But things change when her sister fails to show up for her graduation and Nick makes a surprising revelation. Liesel has a lot to think about and a story her Aenti Suz tells about her grandpa Joe may put things back in perspective. Joe’s story, which takes place during WWII, is very compelling, and I found myself just as interested in it as I was Liesel’s story.

Leslie Gould is a master at dual timeline stories. Just when one character’s story is at a pivotal point she switches to the other story and back and forth this goes throughout the book keeping me involved in both stories and making the book a quick read. Add to that her wonderful way of telling a story that makes me quit seeing words on a page but instead the images she is describing, well, it’s no wonder she’s one of my favorite authors. I’m pretty sure she could write a math textbook I would be interested in but then again, let’s not get too crazy. : )

I definitely recommend this book to fans of Amish fiction or those who like a combination of contemporary and historical fiction. While this book is the third in the series it could easily be read as a standalone. I do recommend reading the other two books in the series though because they are just as wonderfully written as this one and you don’t want to miss out on a Leslie Gould story!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher and was not required to write a review. All opinions are mine.


About the author:   Leslie Gould is the #1 bestselling and Christy Award-winning author of twenty-two novels. She received her MFA from Portland State University and teaches writing at Warner Pacific College. Leslie enjoys traveling, hiking, and history. She and her husband, Peter, are the revolving-door parents of four children and three cats.

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Between Two Shores by Jocelyn Green (review by Kristi)

between two shores

About the bookThe daughter of a Mohawk mother and French father in 1759 Montreal, Catherine Duval finds it is easier to remain neutral in a world that is tearing itself apart. Content to trade with both the French and the British, Catherine is pulled into the fray against her wishes when her British ex-fiance, Samuel Crane, is taken prisoner by her father. Samuel asks her to help him escape, claiming he has information that could help end the war.

Peace appeals to Catherine, but helping the man who broke her heart does not. She delays . . . until attempts on Samuel’s life convince her he’s in mortal danger. Against her better judgment she helps him flee by river, using knowledge of the landscape to creep ever closer to freedom. Their time together rekindles feelings she thought long buried, and danger seems to hound their every mile. She’s risked becoming a traitor by choosing a side, but will the decision cost her even more than she anticipated?

Publication Date:  February 5, 2019

Publisher:  Bethany House Publishers

Genre:  Historical Fiction, Christian Fiction


My thoughts:  I think I’m one of those rare readers who didn’t care for this book. I had read one other book from this author previously and loved it so, therefore, found myself anxious to get my hands on another of her books. Sadly, there just wasn’t anything about this book I really liked.

As far as the characters go Catherine is ok but wasn’t a character I found myself connecting to. She is caught between two words, being part Indian and part white, and while this aspect of the story was ok I felt like it could have been stronger. I really didn’t care for any of the other characters except Samuel and then with a plot twist I no longer cared for him.

As far as the story goes, well, I found it slow moving and bordering on boring. The first half of the book jumps back and forth between present day and five years prior and while this kind of kept story moving I found it to be annoying after awhile. I think it bogged down the flow of the story at times and provided way too much detail.

In all honesty, I found this book a bit of a chore to read. There were several times I wanted to give up and move on to another book but as I received a complimentary copy of the book I felt duty-bound to finish it. I did find myself counting down the pages that were left but unfortunately, this began about 50 pages in which made for a very long and tedious read.

This book is not one I would recommend and not one for my keeper shelf. I am still willing to try other titles from this author though as I really liked the other book of hers I’ve read. This one just wasn’t for me.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author and was not required to write a review. All opinions are mine.


About the author:    Jocelyn Green inspires faith and courage as the award-winning and bestselling author of numerous fiction and nonfiction books, including The Mark of the King; Wedded to War; and The 5 Love Languages Military Edition, which she coauthored with bestselling author Dr. Gary Chapman. Her books have garnered starred reviews from Booklist and Publishers Weekly, and have been honored with the Christy Award, the gold medal from the Military Writers Society of America, and the Golden Scroll Award from the Advanced Writers & Speakers Association. She graduated from Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, with a B.A. in English, concentration in writing. She loves Mexican food, Broadway musicals, Toblerone chocolate bars, the color red, and reading on her patio. Jocelyn lives with her husband Rob and two children in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

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All In (Bridgeport Social Club #2) by Shelley Shepard Gray (review by Cathy)

all in

About the book:

Meredith Hunt is content with her solo life. She owns and runs a successful Pilates studio, volunteers at the high school every week, and recently bought a house. She can take care of herself, which is good because she has a hard time relying on other people. When she’s mugged and a handsome man comes to her rescue, she doesn’t know how to accept his help-or how to stop staring into his chocolate-brown eyes.

Ace Vance moved to Bridgeport to offer his fifteen-year-old son, Finn, a better life. Here, Finn has a chance to play football for a good team and maybe even earn a college scholarship. And Ace scored a job at a top-notch garage, where he gets to fix up classic cars. Plus, they could both use some distance from Finn’s toxic mom. The last thing on his mind is falling in love, but he can’t help offering assistance to a gorgeous redhead in need.

Thrown together by a careless criminal, Meredith and Ace can’t deny their attraction. But can they open their hearts-and their lives-to make room for love?

Shelley Shepard Gray’s Bridgeport Social Club series explores how communities can come together to support each other, whether it’s around a poker table, in a Pilates studio, or anywhere in between. Get ready to fall in love with a group of men and women who, even when they feel lost, refuse to lose hope.


My thoughts:

All In is the endearing story of Meredith Hunt, the owner/operator of a Pilates studio and Ace Vance, a classic car mechanic.
Ace and his son Finn just happened to be in the right place at the right time when Meredith is mugged and that was the moment I loved father and son. The genuine concern they had for Meredith spoke to my heart making me want to know more about them. As I turned page after page in this book, I soon realized the thread throughout the series has been the kind hearted and decent characters that are so easy to love.

They have careers that most of us can identify with, they live in modest homes and they have deep friendships. I find it refreshing to meet characters who are unpretentious and genuinely care for each other and their community. From the adults to the teens each character has held my interest and I have liked each storyline. The female characters are supportive of each other and the men n their lives.

Now keep in mind the author has crafted characters that have real life experiences and aren’t the least bit shy about speaking their minds so expect some colorful language from some of the hardworking folks in the series. Readers can also expect polite and truly likeable characters who are meeting new people, making new friends and entering into romantic relationships. This is the second book in the, Bridgeport Social Club series so I suggest reading the first book, Take a Chance.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley and was under no obligation to write review. All opinions are my own.