It’s time for a GIVEAWAY!

We love giveaways and we love Amy Clipston!  She has a novella releasing on September 12th, so we decided to offer a  copy of the first book of hers that we both love, A Gift of Grace will be given to one lucky winner.  The cover is beautiful, isn’t it?

A Gift of Grace

In addition to the book, we are including a tote bag and a few other surprises.

All you have to do to enter is comment, “I want to win” and provide your email address.  If we don’t have that, we will not be able to contact the winner.  Open to U.S. residents.  Giveaway ends on September 9, 2017.  One winner will be chosen randomly.


An Amish Christmas Love: Four Novellas (by Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Ruth Reid and Kelly Irvin), is the next book that we are excited about.

An Amish Christmas Love

The Christmas Cat by Amy Clipston

Emma Bontrager is spending her first Christmas alone after her husband of 45 years, Henry, passed away in July. Although the Amish don t normally allow animals in their homes, a big, fat, orange barn cat keeps coming into Emma s house. She shoos the cat away, but it continues to appear in her house, settling on Henry s favorite wingchair. But the cat isn’t the only Christmas visitor: a group of young people help bring the Christmas spirit to Emma, reminding her that love and hope abide.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


11 thoughts on “It’s time for a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Your blog page wouldn’t accept my email address whish is silly as I have been getting your emailed newsletter for all most a year.  I would love to win any book by Amy C lipston so I am putting my comment here in the hope that is counts.  Vivian Furbay/


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