A Name Unknown by Roseanna M. White (review by Kristi)

A Name Unknown

About the book:  Edwardian Romance and History Gains a Twist of Suspense

Rosemary Gresham has no family beyond the band of former urchins that helped her survive as a girl in the mean streets of London. Grown now, they concentrate on stealing high-value items and have learned how to blend into upper-class society. But when Rosemary must determine whether a certain wealthy gentleman is loyal to Britain or to Germany, she is in for the challenge of a lifetime. How does one steal a family’s history, their very name?

Peter Holstein, given his family’s German blood, writes his popular series of adventure novels under a pen name. With European politics boiling and his own neighbors suspicious of him, Peter debates whether it might be best to change his name for good. When Rosemary shows up at his door pretending to be a historian and offering to help him trace his family history, his question might be answered.

But as the two work together and Rosemary sees his gracious reaction to his neighbors’ scornful attacks, she wonders if her assignment is going down the wrong path. Is it too late to help him prove that he’s more than his name?

Paperback, 428 pages              Published July 4, 2017, by Bethany House


My review:  This book took me awhile to get into but once I did I couldn’t pull myself away from it. The storyline was intriguing and the characters interesting. Oh, and there’s a massive library! And for someone who loves to read this was an added bonus!!

It was easy for me to relate to both Rosemary and Peter, the two main characters in this book. Both have secrets and it was fun to see how they were revealed and how each responded to the uncovering of the other person’s secrets. I found both characters to be complex and well developed and I felt like they were real and not just fictional characters made up in the author’s mind.

The time period that this story takes place in is also interesting. I don’t really come across many books set in the time around WWI so this was a different experience for me and I enjoyed the historical details of the story. I enjoyed the setting as well and the descriptions the author used to describe the places inside and out. It made me feel as if I were there.

I feel like this book would appeal to a wide audience. There’s mystery, suspense, and romance. All wrapped up in a historical setting that history buffs can enjoy. I can’t wait to read more about these characters and their friends and family.

I received a free copy of this book and was under no obligation to write a review. All opinions are mine.


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