My Heart Belongs in the Superstition Mountains(Carmella’s Quandry) by Susan Page Davis (review by Cathy)

my heart belongs in the superstition mountains


About the book:
Journey now to Tuscon, Arizona, and into the Superstition Mountains of 1866, where…
A Chance for Escape Takes Two Unlikely Allies on a Romantic Adventure Along a Desert Trail

Since orphaned at age twelve, Carmela Wade has lived a lie orchestrated by her uncle, pretending to be a survivor of an Indian kidnapping and profiting from telling her made-up story on the speaker circuit. But as she matures into adulthood, Carmela hates the lies and longs to be free. On a stagecoach in Arizona Territory, Carmela and her uncle are fellow passengers with US Marshal Freeland McKay and his handcuffed prisoner.

The stage is attacked. Now a chance to make a new life may suddenly be within Carmela’s reach. . .if she can survive the harsh terrain and being handcuffed to an unconscious man.

Will Carmela’s wish come true, or will she forever be branded by her past?

My review (4-stars)

I quickly got caught up in the story of Carmella and her Uncle Silas. I liked Carmella but the way Silas treated her was shameful.  I could not fathom anyone forcing a young and innocent girl into a life of  lying for personal gain.  Given the fact that he was her guardian and the person that was supposed to protect and offer her guidance made him despicable.

She needed help to escape that situation and on their travels to the next town where they are scheduled to speak, the stagecoach is robbed.  There’s some good news/bad news there..  The good news is there’s a US Marshal on board help her. The bad news involved Silas and quite honestly, I didn’t care.  Freeland (the marshal) is a fantastic character and as he helps her and she begins to learn to trust, the story is  quite good.

This is a nice addition to the series and each can be read as a standalone.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review.

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