A Mother’s Day Interview with Amy Clipston and Giveaway!!!!

Mother’s Day is almost here and we were lucky enough to have Amy answer questions for us about being a mom.  Check out this first part of our interview and don’t forget to enter the giveaway listed after the interview.  Happy reading and good luck to all!

Amy and her boys

Out of all of your novels, who is your favorite mother?

Mattie Fisher from my Amish Heirloom series is my favorite! She’s modeled after my mother with her patient, loving heart. My mom and I sit together and have a cup of tea every night, just like Mattie and her daughters do.

What was your most memorable Mother’s Day gift or action?

When Joe and I were living in our first house and before we were parents of human children, we had two cats named Les and Gracie whom we loved dearly. My first Mother’s Day after we adopted the kitties, Joe gave me a gold charm necklace with two cats on it and he said, “Happy Mother’s Day.” It meant so much to me! That was my first Mother’s Day.

What was your most favorite book to read to your boys when they were little?

Zac absolutely loved Big Joe’s Trailer Truck by Joe Mathieu! He knew it by heart! It’s the cutest book, and I read it to Matt also. We kept it and will pass it on if they have children.

Can you share a special memory of your mother?

 My favorite memory as a child is going to the movies with my mother every Saturday. We would go to see a matinee, and we had the best time! My love of movies truly comes from my parents.

This might sound corny, but my mom and I make special memories every day. She lives with my family and me, and she’s my best friend. We watch movies and television shows together, and we share books. While I’m working on a book, she sits in the same room and reads in order to keep my company. She helps me plot out my stories and she reads my books for typos. I can’t imagine not having her in my life. I’m so thankful God blessed me with the best mom!

Thank you, Amy, for taking the time to answer our questions!  Stay tuned for the second part of our interview with Amy, which is coming soon.  While you are waiting for part two of our interview be sure to enter the giveaway Amy is having.  Click a Rafflecopter giveaway ” target=”_blank”> to enter.

Amy giveaway


12 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Interview with Amy Clipston and Giveaway!!!!

  1. What a great interview with Amy! Can’t wait to spend Mother’s Day up in Amish Country with my momma. This will be the second year we’ve done this. Hope you and Cathy have a blessed Mother’s Day.


  2. Great interview. Love Amy’s books and reading about the Amish. My favorite Mother’s Day memory was of my Dad taking us shopping for a gift for my Mom and also buying her a a box of her favorite chocolates.


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