My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella (review by Kristi)


About the book:  Katie Brenner has the perfect life: a flat in London, a glamorous job, and a super-cool Instagram feed.

Ok, so the real truth is that she rents a tiny room with no space for a wardrobe, has a hideous commute to a lowly admin job, and the life she shares on Instagram isn’t really hers.

But one day her dreams are bound to come true, aren’t they?

Until her not-so perfect life comes crashing down when her mega-successful boss Demeter gives her the sack. All Katie’s hopes are shattered. She has to move home to Somerset, where she helps her dad with his new glamping business.

Then Demeter and her family book in for a holiday, and Katie sees her chance. But should she get revenge on the woman who ruined her dreams? Or try to get her job back? Does Demeter – the woman with everything – have such an idyllic life herself? Maybe they have more in common than it seems.

And what’s wrong with not-so-perfect, anyway?

Kindle Edition, 448 pages                     Published February 8, 2017, by The Dial Press


My review:  I am a very casual fan of the “chic-lit” genre. I compare reading too much of it to watching too many episodes of The Bachelor on TV. It numbs the mind. Needing to read something different than my usual genres though I decided to take a chance on this book and author. I had heard of Sophie Kinsella and her Shopaholic series but had never taken the time to read them. I was quite surprised to find My Not So Perfect Life an entertaining and engaging read.

There were parts of the story that I found to be a bit slow. The initial setup of the story in London and again in Katie’s hometown seemed to be a bit lengthy. After I got through those parts though I found the story to be a quick read. It was easy to get into the story and stay involved. Katie and Alex seemed to have a very genuine relationship and I enjoyed the times they spent together. They complimented each other well and their chemistry was easy to see without being too much. There are also twists and turns in the story to keep things interesting.

One thing I personally could have done without is all the use of the “f” word.  To me it isn’t a necessary word and the book would have been just as good without it.  However, I do realize it is an almost common word in today’s society so for it to be in the book wasn’t a dealbreaker for me.  Just be warned that it is in there.
My favorite thing though is that this story isn’t just mind-numbing fluff. There is an actual theme to the story of people putting up a front or only showing others what they want them to see. Katie wants the perfect life she thinks everyone around her has when in reality the very people who she thinks has it all really don’t. They are faced with challenges and struggles just like everyone else. I have two favorite quotes from the story but my favorite one is this: “Every time you see someone’s bright-and-shiny, remember: They have their own crappy truths too.” I think this is something we would all do well to remember because it is so true.

Sophie Kinsella has won me over with this book. I like her writing style and her ability to tell an entertaining story and keep it real and honest. I like the way she inserts a life lesson into the story and does it in a way that isn’t preachy or in your face. It’s just an added bonus to a really good story.

I was already recommending this book to people before I had even finished it. I will continue to recommend it to people and hope they get as much enjoyment from the story as I did. This is a book for the keeper shelf and one that I can see myself rereading in the future.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley. I was not required to write a review. All opinions are mine.


About the author:  Madeleine Wickham (born 12 December 1969) is a bestselling British author under her pseudonym, Sophie Kinsella. Educated at New College, Oxford, she worked as a financial journalist before turning to fiction. She is best known for writing a popular series of chick-lit novels. The Shopaholic novels series focuses on the misadventures of Becky Bloomwood, a financial journalist who cannot manage her own finances. The books follows her life from when her credit card debt first become overwhelming (“The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic”) to the latest book on being married and having a child (“Shopaholic & Baby”). Throughout the entire series, her obsession with shopping and the complications that imparts on her life are central themes.

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2 thoughts on “My Not So Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella (review by Kristi)

  1. I actually got a kick out of this book too. I hate the “f” word. Disgusts me but the story itself is so good I hate to have someone dump it because of that overused, unimaginative word. It really struck me how we are apt to ‘judge’ someone by their ‘cover’. The twists are excellent.

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