Gillian’s Heart by B. J. Bassett (review by Cathy)


About the book:

Gillian Grant, abandoned by her alcoholic parents, is raised by her grandmother in a beach house in California. As a tribute to Gram’s memory, Gillian restores the house and hires Dusty to help her. Dusty shares the apartment above the garage with Gillian’s childhood friend, Josh. Gillian and Dusty have nothing in common, except the restoration of the house.

Gillian suffers from anorexia and is in denial. While she has a strong faith in God, Dusty is an unbeliever. Betsy, Gillian’s mother, returns and announces the house was left to her, not Gillian, and she plans to sell it. Gillian always dreamed of her wedding in her grandmother’s garden overlooking the Pacific.

Will there be a wedding? Who will capture Gillian’s heart—stable Josh or can she trust Dusty, a new Christian, who has kept secrets from her? And who holds the deed to the house?
My review (4-stars)

This is a new to me author and I was pleased  with the opportunity to read this book.

The author took this story in a great direction and it moved at a very nice pace.

Gillian is grieving the loss of her grandmother and battling anorexia. Her faith and her friends are important to her and I liked that she relied on them. The friendships seemed to be natural and real.

The wholesome characters  and faith they had was well written and much appreciated.

There were times when I had to remember that the characters were young professional adults because the four of them at times seemed a bit immature and more in their teen years.  This had a YA feel to me which I liked and would recommend to readers of all ages.

I received a copy of the book from the author and have given my honest opinion.




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