Amy Clipston Prize Pack Giveaway!!!!!!!


Ok, so we’re pretty sure that swagalicious isn’t a real word but if it was that is how we would describe this giveaway.  Because, seriously, did you look at all that you will get if you are the lucky winner of this week’s birthday celebration giveaway?

One oh-so-lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of the first book in Amy’s Amish Heirlooms series, The Forgotten Recipe, a pen, a pad of really cool Bakery Bunch sticky notes, a Bakery Bunch key chain, and an awesome Bakery Bunch tote bag to put everything in and carry around to make all your friends jealous 😉 !!!!!!!

All you have to do to be entered in this week’s giveaway is leave a  comment on this post telling us which Amy Clipston book you would recommend to someone who has never read her books before.  Are you one who hasn’t read any of Amy’s books?  (gasp!)  If so (we feel sorry for you) you can still enter by telling us which of her books you have heard the most about and are just itching to read.

This contest runs through Saturday,  January 21st and the oh-so-lucky winner will be announced Sunday, January 22nd.  Good luck to you all and have a great week.  And as always…..Happy Reading!!!!!


Cathy and Kristi


32 thoughts on “Amy Clipston Prize Pack Giveaway!!!!!!!

  1. I would recommend the Kauffman Amish Bakery series. It was the first series of Amy’s that I ever read, and I enjoyed it a lot. I have not read all of her books yet. I need to work on that. 🙂


  2. I would have to suggest a series of Amy’s that is the BEST – Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel series! I could read these books over and over! I couldn’t stop reading until I had read every one of them – and then wanted to start them all over again!


  3. I have read the Kauffman bakery series and loved 💕 them, but I am super interested in reading what Susan says above! Not sure how I missed those! I know for a fact you will not be disappointed in any of her books.


  4. The book I just read about a week ago was Love Birds, which was book 1 in An Amish Market:Four Novellas, tho the book is sold by itself. I absolutely loved it! This isn’t the first book I’ve read by Amy, but I think this is a nice novella to get a taste of her writing.


  5. I would have a hard time picking because every book I read of Amy’s is extremely good. However if I have to recommend one to someone to start with who has not yet had the Privilege to read any of Amy’s books I would suggest The Kauffaman Bakery Series, In the
    first book The Gift of Grace it pulls you in to the story line as if you are right there with the characters, the book speaks of love, campassion, character and , values, all while showing you that no matter what way of life we come from we are more alike than we are different if we listen to our heart and have family roots that are strong in faith in God.


  6. I must admit that I have not read any of Amy’s books yet and the reason being that I enjoy series but I will not start them until I have all the books in that series, so I have a few books left to get in the Kaufman Amish Bakery Series then I can start.

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  7. I really enjoy reading all of Amy’s books so it is hard for me to pick out one favorite. If I had to pick one out it would be the Kauffman Bakery series. Thank you Kristi and Amy for this chance to win Looking forward to reading more of Amy’s new releases and rereading older ones


  8. I’ve not read any of Amy’s books, but after reading all the comments I will definitely get started! Maybe the Forgotten Recipe to start. So glad I ran across this author!


  9. I really enjoyed her Christmas novella “A Plain and Simple Christmas “. I truly enjoyed the meaning and love in this book. I diving into “The Cherished Quilt” and it stands to say Amy has a gift with words.


  10. I would recommend the Kauffman Bakery series for a new reader of Amy Clipston’s books. I’ve read all of Amy’s books except for one series that is sitting in my TBR pile. The Forgotten Recipe is a great read.


  11. I recently just discover Amy. I read about one of her books( the Cherished Quilt) on Amish Wisdom and started following her on facebook. I haven’t gotten around to reading a book by her yet but I intent to. I love Amish books and always like learning about new authors.


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