Finding Margo by Jen Turano (review by Cathy)


About the book:

Off the charts and on the run.

International pop star Margo Hartman could use a night off. A grueling tour and overbearing entourage have sent her over the edge. It’s time for this diva to disappear. And who would think to look for the superstar in a small Dutch town in Ohio?

Sheriff’s deputy Brock Moore is undercover as well. He knows Margo isn’t who she appears to be, but her uncanny resemblance to a local Amish woman is raising all sorts of questions…the kind that make her a target for a killer.

Both are determined to find answers, but their mutual attraction stands in the way of either of them doing it alone. Is finding Margo the solution to Brock’s problems or just the beginning…?

My Review:

The book started off a bit slow for me, but once Margo hit the open road, the pace picked up considerably.   This turned into a sweet and funny story.  Heavy emphasis on funny because there are several laugh out loud moments in this book.  Several of them involving a duck.

I liked Margo and Brock and found their story line unique and well written.  I didn’t connect on an emotional level with either one, but that didn’t hinder my ability to thoroughly enjoy this book.  There’s a bit of lightheartedness in the story to offset some of the serious matter of someone trying to harm the pop star.

I’m looking forward to reading more of the series.  4 Stars

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley and have given my honest opinion.



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