My Sister’s Prayer (Cousins of the Dove,#2) by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould (review by Cathy)


About the book:

Women of Fearless Devotion Virginia, 1705 Celeste Talbot is usually such a sensible young woman–until she falls for an English soldier reassigned to the Colonies. Leaving her Huguenot family behind, she sets sail for America, only to learn that her younger sister Berta has been kidnapped and forced on board the very same ship. Whom can Celeste trust? The dashing soldier? Or the vigilant carpenter who remains by their side in the perilous New World?

Virginia, present day Madeline “Maddee” Talbot has her hands full when she agrees to take in her younger sister Nicole following a serious car accident. The young women grew apart when Nicole fell into drug addiction, and Maddee prays this will be the start of a better life for her sister. But as they investigate a trauma from their childhood, Maddee must keep a diligent eye on Nicole–and the shadowy figure watching them from afar.

From the Christy Award-winning team of Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould, My Sister’s Prayer tells the epic tale of two women compelled to protect their sisters, confront their fears, and navigate the muddy waters of betrayal to find true love.


My review:

Wow!  This book is fantastic.  Dual storylines tell of two sets of sisters in present day, Virginia and 1700’s, Virginia.

I was much more interested in Celeste and Berta and couldn’t wait until I was happily back in their world.  Celeste possessed a naïveté that jeopardized her future as she believes the man she loves will honor his commitment to her.  Of course, it doesn’t help when she discovers her younger sister, Berta on board the ship.  She’s suddenly  faced with the added responsibility of taking care of and providing for both of them.  Not an easy task as they’ve both signed indentured servant’s contracts and want to stay together once they reach Virginia.

Maddee and Nicole are having problems of their own in present day, Virginia.  Maddee is the older and more responsible sister and she’s agreed to have Nicole convalesce at her home.  Not an easy task for her since Nicole is a recovering addict.  Let’s just say, both of the older sisters have their hands full with their younger sisters!

Each of the four sisters will face some heartache  along the way and they’ll grow from their experiences.

I have to say that two my other favorite characters were Spenser and Sary.  Spenser was always supportive of Celeste and Sary (an indentured servant) just had such a difficult life.

The authors have written an amazing and fascinating book that kept me reading long after I said,” just one more chapter and then I’ll go to bed”!

I received a copy of this book from the publisher for an honest opinion which I have given.








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