Plain Return by Sarah Price (review by Kristi)

plain return

About the book:  Amanda Beiler, a young woman raised Amish, is determined to make her marriage to internationally beloved Cuban singer Alejandro Diaz work. Since they spend more time apart than together, she decides to join her superstar husband in the spotlight and accompany him on his South American tour.

Despite their deep love for each other, the pressures of maintaining Alejandro’s fame and the media’s constant hounding begin to take a toll on the young couple. When someone from his past makes a startling appearance during the tour, Amanda is forced to face not only the complexities of his hedonistic past—and the unexpected responsibilities that accompany it—but also her own desire to return to a simple life rooted in devotion to family and God. As Amanda’s needs start to conflict with Alejandro’s obligations, the couple must decide if their love is strong enough to save their new marriage.

Kindle Edition 284 pages                       Published October 20, 2015 by Waterfall Press



My review:  I’ve read this series from the very beginning and have alternated between ” this is too far fetched” and “could this really happen?” I thought the premise of the series was interesting – A Cuban-American superstar, Alejandro/Viper, and an Amish girl, Amanda, meeting and being attracted to each other and then falling in love. The more I read about this couple though the more conflicted I am with the entire story.

Alejandro absolutely drove me nuts in this book. He seems to be all about himself and is, well, a jerk. It seems like he only wants to use kind words and show Amanda affection when it benefits him. He also doesn’t seem to care about her feelings and beliefs as he wants to parade her around and use her to benefit him and his career. He never seems protective of her as she is always being shuffled off to security guards. He is only protective of her when she is putting his “brand” in danger. Ugh! Get over yourself Alejandro/Viper. Another thing I noticed is it’s very hard to almost impossible to see where Viper ends and Alejandro begins. If he cared one bit about Amanda he would tone down the whole “ladies man” persona.

Amanda really grows in this book. She slowly loses the naive Amish girl persona and grows into a woman who stands up for what she thinks is right. I must say I think it’s been a long time coming and I was happy to see her character become more mature and strong.

The already complicated lives of these two only get more complicated when they get to South America for Viper’s tour. I don’t want to spoil anything for you but I will say this is where we see most of Amanda’s strength and character growth. This is also where we see Alejandro begin to be at his worst.

If it sounds like I don’t like the book that is so not the case. Sarah Price has done a wonderful job of taking two very different people from two very different walks of life and showing readers what happens to them as they try to form a life together. I think she did a wonderful job of representing the life of each character and showing the readers just how opposite these two are. Her writing style makes the story flow easily and the pace of the story kept my interest from beginning to end. This book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger and I can’t wait to see what happens in book five in the series. I have to find out if happiness or heartache awaits this couple.

Fans of traditional Amish fiction may not enjoy this story as it isn’t the usual storyline for the genre. I do think we will see Amanda get back to her Amish roots in the next book (or I’m hoping so anyway). Readers who don’t mind a not strictly Amish storyline should enjoy this story as it’s Amish lifestyle meets the glitter and glam of superstardom.


About the author:  The author of over 30 novels, Sarah Price publishes with Realms, an imprint of Charisma House and Waterfall, an imprint of Brilliance Audio.

Her book, An Empty Cup, was #3 on Amazon Top 100 eBooks in January 2016.


Connect with Sarah Price:    Website   •   Facebook   •   Twitter


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