A Simple Vow Excerpt, Review & Giveaway!!

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About the book:  Housed in a rustic red barn, the Simple Gifts crafts shop celebrates the talents of the Amish of Willow Ridge–and the faith that inspires them. For the acceptance of simplicity opens the path to love.

As far as Edith Riehl is concerned, the baby twins thrust suddenly into her arms are a heaven-sent gift. Unable to conceive, she longs to be a mother with a home of her own. She’s going to abide by her promise to handsome Asa Detweiler to take care of them while he looks for their real father. And even if her domineering dat Cornelius refuses to countenance Asa’s suit, she can only pray the bachelor’s honesty and persistence will uncover the truth–even as he’s kindled an impossible hope for a love of her own . . .

Asa can’t understand why anyone would think he would be so dishonorable as to father babies and then abandon them. He’s determined to clear his name–but Edith’s caring ways also inspire him to help heal her wounded spirit and earn her trust. In the face of heartbreaking deception, he and Edith must find the strength to understand, forgive . . . and claim their own hearts’ joy.


Exclusive blog tour excerpt:

“Don’t stand up!” Andy insisted as he sprang from the wagon seat. “I’ll check you over for broken bones and such. I’m a nurse, by the way. Andy Leitner.”

The man’s dark eyebrows rose. “You look like an Amish man—but you’re a nurse? I must’ve really hit my head hard.”

Andy smiled as he ran his hands over the fellow’s neck and shoulders. “I get that reaction a lot. What can you tell me about your accident?” he asked as he gently grasped the man’s upper arms.

The stranger winced. “I’m foggy about that. I think I remember a buggy whizzing past me—must’ve spooked Midnight awfully bad—”

The gelding nickered in response to hearing its name.

“—and from there, it’s a blur,” the man finished with a sigh.

“Any idea how long you’ve been lying here?”


Andy nodded and continued his examination. “Any idea where you are, what town this is?” he quizzed as he assessed the man’s eyes and pupils.

“Not really—except I’m on the ground and in a state of pain,” the guy added with a short laugh.

“We’ll fix that as soon as we can,” Andy assured him. “So, what’s your name? Where are you from?”

“Ah, my manners are slipping. I’m Asa Detweiler, and I live in—ouch!”

“Sorry,” Andy murmured. “I’m not finding any broken bones, but you’ve got some bruised ribs and a bloody forehead. You’re going to be sore for a long while.”

The guy sighed again as he refocused on Andy’s questions. “Clifford.”

Andy bit back a grin. “I assume we’re talking about a town rather than the big red dog that’s in a lot of kids books?”

Asa’s expression went blank.

“Sorry. I shouldn’t be teasing about stuff like that,” Leitner said.


My review: Charlotte Hubbard is a fairly new to me author. This being the second book of hers I have read I had an idea going in that the book wouldn’t be the typical Amish fiction I was used to reading. I was right, too. This book has many twists and turns along with a story not often (if ever) found in Amish fiction.

Let me start off with the one thing I didn’t like in the book. Too many characters. I found it difficult keeping them all straight in my mind while reading. I must say that even at the end of the book I was having trouble remembering who went with who and their backstory. I realize this series is a spinoff of another series and maybe had I read that series first the number of characters would have been a non-issue.

This is a fast-paced read. Things happen quickly from beginning to end. The author did a great job of writing in all the twists and turns in a way that keeps the reader engaged in the story. There is a bit of a mystery surrounding the father of the Riehl sisters that isn’t resolved in this book. I’m interested to see what develops in this storyline in upcoming books.

If you like Amish fiction I believe you will enjoy this book. Especially if you’re looking for a bit of a different story with an unusual mix of characters. This is a perfect weekend read.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest opinion which I have given.



Many moons ago—like, in 1983 while she was still a school librarian—Charlotte Hubbard sold her first story to True Story. This launched her into writing around seventy of those “true confessions” stories over the years, and she’s been a slave to her overactive imagination ever since. Over the course of her writing career, she has sold nearly 50 books—most recently, Amish romance series she’s written as Charlotte Hubbard or Naomi King. Charlotte lived in Missouri for most of her life, so her Amish stories are set in imaginary Missouri towns. These days she lives in St. Paul, MN with her husband of 40+ years and their Border collie, Ramona.


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