Keely Brooke Keith, Cover Reveal and Giveaway

Aboard Providence - Cover [165615]

We are pleased to have Keely Brooke Keith on our blog today !  Her new novel is  called Aboard Providence and she has allowed us to do a cover reveal!  It’s a beautiful, isn’t it?   She is also giving away a copy of Aboard Providence and she’s doing a Q&A.

Here is some info about the book:

Book Info:

Title: Aboard Providence

Author: Keely Brooke Keith

Publisher: CrossRiver Media Group

Released Date: October 20, 2016

Pre-order Link: CrossRiver Media


One Sentence Summary:

A voyage aboard Providence changes Jonah’s plans, but can it change his heart?



In November 1860, Jonah Ashton is determined to finish his studies at Penn’s Medical School before rumors of Southern rebellion erupt into all-out war. When he learns his father has joined a group of Virginia families planning to sail from America to form a new settlement elsewhere, he travels to his family’s estate intent on saying goodbye. However, when an accident leaves his father in need of a physician, Jonah agrees to serve as ship’s doctor, but he resolves to return to medical school as quickly as possible.


While aboard the Providence, Jonah falls in love with former classmate Marian Foster. Despite their love for each other, Marian has no desire to return to America with him.


After an arduous voyage, Providence runs aground on an uncharted land in the South Atlantic Ocean. While the rest of the settlers celebrate finding the land they wanted, Jonah takes off to explore the island and he soon discovers a startling truth that changes everything, but can it change his heart?


Quotes about the book:

“A delightful adventure reminiscent of Swiss Family Robinson, Aboard Providence is one of those novels that will stick with me because I feel I’ve lived it. A captivating, well-researched, and deftly written tale I can confidently recommend to a wide range of readers.” –Heather Day Gilbert, author of Amazon Norse bestseller God’s Daughter


“With vivid settings and multi-layered characters, Keely Brooke Keith whisks her readers off on a page-turning journey, not just across the ocean, but within the heart. You won’t be able to put Aboard Providence down until the final word is read and then you will long for more.” –Brenda S. Anderson, author of the Coming Home series


“A blend of history and romance with a compelling inspirational message, Keith expertly weaves an intriguing tale. Fans of the Uncharted Series won’t want to miss this journey.” –Heidi McCahan, author of Unraveled


“Keely Brooke Keith is a master storyteller, weaving adventure, love, and wonderful characters into a vivid story that will take readers on an unforgettable voyage to a new place. Full of inspirational messages and tales of God’s love, readers will find themselves longing for more. Keely’s story teaches all of us that the journey is just the beginning!” –Christina Yother, author of the Hollow Hearts series


About the author:


Keely Brooke Keith is the author of the Uncharted series (Edenbrooke Press) and Aboard Providence (CrossRiver Media). Her novels are known for blending genres in surprising ways.

When she isn’t writing stories, Keely enjoys playing bass guitar, preparing homeschool lessons, and collecting antique textbooks. Originally from St. Joseph, Missouri, Keely resides with her husband and their daughter on a hilltop south of Nashville where she dreams up stories, hoping to encourage, comfort, and inspire readers. She is a member of ACFW.

Now here’s our Q&A with Keely:

TG:  Is your new release the beginning of a new series?

KBK: Aboard Providence is a standalone, but it’s tied to my previous books in a unique way. In The Land Uncharted, we learned a little about the founders–the group of American families who settled the Land in the 1860s. Aboard Providence is the story of the founders leaving America, seen through the eyes of the only person who did not want to take that voyage.

TG:   If so, how many books will be in the series?

KBK: I just completed a second story to follow Aboard Providence, but as far as series length, that has yet to be determined.

TG:Will there be any more books in the Uncharted series?

The Uncharted series is currently 3 full-length novels and a Christmas novella. The story is certainly not over. 🙂

TG:   What was your inspiration for the Unchartered series?
KBK:   As a child, I papered my bedroom walls with maps out of National Geographic Magazine. I often stared at the wide blue swaths of ocean on the maps and wondered if land existed that no one knew about.

While researching my family history as an adult, I became fascinated by the group migrations to the American West. I wondered what would happen if instead of going west, a group of families left the United States on a ship, got lost at sea, and ended up on that hidden land. I wrote down the idea and put the story aside to continue my family research.

Then in 2013 my husband, Marty, challenged me to write the book. I accepted his challenge and looked over my story notes. That’s when I decided to start the series a few years in the future (2025), have the rest of the world embroiled in World War III, and drop a modern navy pilot into the Land to show the cultural contrast.
Thanks so much for having me on your blog!! 🙂

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