Sweet as Honey(The Honeybee Sisters #1)by Jennifer Beckstrand(review by Cathy)

Sweet as Honey


About the book:

Smart, kind, and good-hearted, the three Christner girls are affectionately known as The Honeybee Sisters in the beloved Wisconsin Amish community where, under the care of their aunt, they’ve grown into skilled beekeepers–and lovely, sought-after young women. . . Though she has blossomed into a beauty, Lily Christner doesn’t really believe it. Deep down, she still feels like a lonely, gawky teenager. Maybe that’s why she’s all but promised herself to Paul Glick, the one boy who never teased her in her awkward girlhood–unlike Dan Kanagy, whose creative name-calling left her in tears many a time.

Now he’s back in town after two years away–and being surprisingly sweet, suspiciously attentive–and making Lily unsettlingly yet deliciously nervous. It seems Dan wants Lily’s forgiveness–and her heart. But can he convince her–not to mention her protective schwesters and aendi–that despite the past, her future lies with him?



I had been looking forward to this book for a long time. I can say that it was worth the wait. From the time Dan Kanagy shows up on the Honeybee sisters front porch and is met by aunt Bitsy and her shotgun, I knew I could expect a fantastically funny story from Jennifer Beckstrand.

Lily, Poppy and Rose have been raised by their unconventional and comical aunt Bitsy. Poor Dan is trying to make amends to Lily for teasing her when they were kids. Now that they’ve grown into young adults, Dan is suddenly kind and attentive to Lily. He starts to visit the girls’ honeybee farm quite frequently. Even though, aunt Bitsy is concerned about him walking on her dandelions and warning the girls not to feed him because as she said, “Boys are like stray cats. If you feed them, they’ll keep showing up on your porch”. Dan is persistent as he tries to win both of them over.

There was one character that I didn’t like and that was Lily’s boyfriend Paul Glick. Although the author gave him some odd and funny quirks, he was just annoying. I loved Poppy and Rose and hope their stories will be told inthe next installments in the series.

I love the humor that Jennifer injects in her books and always look forward to seeing what she’ll come up with next. Don’t miss the recipes included at the end.

I highly recommend this book for a fun and relaxing read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher through Netgalley and have given my honest opinion.




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