From This Moment by Elizabeth Camden (review by Kristi)

from this moment

About the book: Romulus White has tried for years to hire illustrator Stella West for his renowned scientific magazine. She is the missing piece he needs to propel his magazine to the forefront of the industry.
But Stella abruptly quit the art world and moved to Boston with a single purpose: to solve the mysterious death of her beloved sister. Romulus, a man with connections to high society and every important power circle in the city, could be her most valuable ally.
Sparks fly the instant Stella and Romulus join forces, and Romulus soon realizes the strong-willed and charismatic Stella could disrupt his hard-won independence. Can they continue to help each other when their efforts draw the wrong kind of attention from the powers-that-be and put all they’ve worked for at risk?



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My review: A-maz-ing!!!!! There’s no other words to describe the latest from Elizabeth Camden. Having read several of Camden’s previous works and loving them my expectations were high for this book. I had nothing to worry about because this book is just as good, if not better than her previous works.

I was immediately pulled into this story and was hooked by the end of the first page. Camden has once again created a strong, independent female character that women today can relate to. Stella is driven to find out the truth about her sister’s death. She is also a well-known artist who has captured the attention of Romulus White. Romulus is quite the character himself and the interactions between him and Stella made sparks fly off the pages. I loved the way the attraction between these two characters was written. There was an instant attraction instead of the often written “man meets woman and they dislike each other” and then there was a natural progression as the two built their relationship from that instant attraction. I have to say I may have developed a bit of a crush on Romulus when he said “I know a physician named Dr. Lentz who swears that root vegetables are the most nutritious things to eat, but I’m convinced the joy from a single ounce of chocolate does the body and spirit more good than a whole cartload of turnips.” A man who knows the value of chocolate! *sigh*

Both characters have flaws and it was interesting to see how they learned from each other and dealt with their issues. Clyde and Evelyn were also interesting characters and I enjoyed their story as well. Their story is intertwined with Romulus and his youth and as they are a big part of his life it only made sense that they were a major part of the story in present day. All four main characters are well developed and realistic. I really enjoyed the way the reader learned about Romulus, Evelyn, and Clyde through the retelling of their youth. It really added to the story and gave the characters more depth.

The storytelling itself in this book is fabulous. The descriptions are so well written and detailed that I felt as if I were there. The historic details added a level of authenticity to the story that enriched the reading experience. I easily forgot I was sitting on the porch reading because I had been whisked away to the busy streets of Boston. The pace of the story throughout the entire book is perfect. Nothing is rushed and the reader is kept guessing throughout the book. Just when I thought I had the story figured out there was a twist or turn that kept me guessing page after page. The ending was perfect and fit well with the rest of the story.

Elizabeth Camden is a go-to author for me. I know I will enjoy the story and fall in love with the characters. If you are a fan of hers, you will love this story. If you haven’t read any of her books this would be the perfect one to start with. Definitely one for the keeper shelf!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion which I have given.


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