Flirtation Walk by Siri Mitchell (review by Kristi)

Flirtation Walk

From Goodreads:  Trying to escape the shambles her con-man father has made of their reputation, Lucinda Curtis arrives in West Point, New York, determined to land a husband from the military academy. Campbell Conklin is first in his class and preparing to embark upon a storied career in the U.S. Army. Lucinda thinks Campbell will make the perfect husband . . . as long as he does not find out about her father.

Seth Westcott also has taken a liking to Lucinda. He’s kind, smart . . . and working extremely hard to graduate last. Tradition states that the worst cadets are assigned to the cavalry out west. And west is where Seth must head to track the swindler who stole all of Seth’s mother’s money. Seth is smart enough to vie for the top spot, but life isn’t fair and this is his chance to catch the man who ruined his family. It’s too bad Campbell is all shine and no substance, but Lucinda will surely see through all of that, won’t she?

My review: When I first saw the cover of this book in an email from Bethany House publishing I knew this was a book I wanted to read. This cover is so pretty. I loved the colors, the way the characters are facing, the placement of author and title, and the font. I loved everything about the cover! Since Siri Mitchell was a new-to-me author I was wondering if I would find the inside as pleasant as the cover. The answer: Yes!!!

This story caught my interest from the first page. Lucinda was a very relatable character and it was nice to see her grow as a person throughout the book. Seth was just as genuine and his story was interesting to read. In addition, I really liked Phoebe. Her character had a vulnerability that made her extremely relatable and authentic.

The POV changes between Lucinda and Seth from chapter to chapter and I found this a nice change as it kept the story fresh and entertaining. I really enjoyed how the author wove their stories together and let the story unfold in such a natural way. The story progresses at a perfect pace and keeps the reader’s interest from beginning to end. The author’s way of writing is wonderful and the descriptions she uses make you feel as if you are there with the characters. Her research of Flirtation Walk appears well done as it really took the story to another level. ( I didn’t know this place existed until I read the story.)

This was a wonderful story that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I am now a fan of Siri Mitchell’s writing and will be checking out her entire catalog of work. Flirtation Walk is a definite must read that I highly recommend.

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishing in exchange for my honest opinion which I have given.


Kindle Publication Date: February 23, 2016

Paperback Publication Date:  March 1, 2016

384 pages

About the Author

Siri Mitchell has written over a dozen novels, three of which were named Christy Award finalists. A graduate of the University of Washington with a business degree, she has worked in many levels of government and lived on three continents. She and her
family currently reside in the DC Metro area. Learn more at

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