Promise Lodge by Charlotte Hubbard (review by Kristi)

Promise Lodge

From Goodreads: It’s a better life, a fresh start–and a heaven-sent second chance. Founded by three Amish sisters determined to put misfortune behind them, Promise Lodge is a colony where faith’s abiding promise can be fulfilled–and love can make all things new…

Energetic widow Mattie Bender Schwartz is working day and night to get Promise Lodge going. She’s also hoping the change will help her son Noah’s heart to heal after his broken engagement. But his former fiancée, Deborah, is looking for a fresh start too. Filled with regret, and cast out by her dat for a reason she can’t yet reveal, Deborah can only pray Noah will forgive her foolishness.

Deborah is the last person Noah expected to show up at Promise Lodge. But with her cruel words still ringing in his head, he’s reluctant to accept her apology–even if the Old Order ways demand he try. If only he could obey Christ’s most important commandment: love one another. But one thing is certain–his mother and aunts, and their beloved Preacher Amos, will do their best to help him get there.

My review: I have been wanting to read a book by Charlotte Hubbard for forever it seems. I finally got the chance with her upcoming release Promise Lodge. The wait was well worth it. This book was sooooo good.

I liked the premise of this book. Three unmarried sisters who, along with Preacher Amos Troyer, set out to start a new Amish settlement. The sisters were unique to the Amish fiction genre as they were independent and determined. The sisters and their children were easy to like and so was Preacher Amos. He was a leader but also laid back and willing to listen to what the sisters wanted to do. Again, this isn’t something I’ve read in the genre and it was a nice fresh storyline. I also liked Noah and Deborah’s story. I couldn’t wait to see how things would turn out for these two.

I love the author’s writing style. Her choice of words and the descriptions she used made me feel as if I were there and a part of the beginning of this new colony. The way she told the story kept me interested and reading as fast as I could.

As an added bonus there is a recipe section at the back of the book that includes recipes for most, if not all, the foods the group ate during the story. I thought this was a great bonus and can’t wait to try some of the recipes. Maybe the Hummingbird Cake will be first?

So to sum it up….I. Loved. This. Book. I am so glad this was the first book of Charlotte’s I read and can’t wait to read the next book in this series. I will be adding all of her books to my reading wishlist. She is a must-read author for fans of Amish fiction!!

I received a free copy of this book from the author through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion which I have given.


One thought on “Promise Lodge by Charlotte Hubbard (review by Kristi)

  1. I’m reading Promise Lodge currently. I love Charlotte’s books and this new series is going to be amazing like her other ones. Thank you for sharing.


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