Josette by Kathleen Bittner Roth (review by Kristi)


From Goodreads:

At the smoky, velvet sound, Cameron swung around. Every function in his body—heart, breath, blood ceased to function.

She was lovely. More than lovely.

Tendrils of raven hair framed a face so exquisite, it disarmed him. Her mouth, a soft, dewy pink, parted. And those eyes, as dark as Creole coffee, intelligent and assessing, roamed over him and then back to take hold of his. He needed to step closer, to stroke her skin. To possess her. But would his wealth and worldly experience be a match for the free-spirited Cajun-born widow?

Across the oceans, between worlds old and new—two lost souls find themselves at a crossroads.

My review:

I was drawn to this book by the cover. I loved the red dress and the house in the background. The storyline seemed interesting and I had never read anything by this author so I thought I would give the book a try.

Unfortunately, the book turned out not being as good as I thought it would. The characters really held no appeal to me. I thought I would like Cameron, the main male character, at first, but he just didn’t develop as I thought he would. Josette, while being an independent woman, was lacking. I didn’t find her as independent and “take charge” as I thought she would be. Alexia didn’t come across as a troubled youth but someone who was spoiled and a bit bratty. And as for Josette’s two brothers, I just didn’t care for them at all.

This book is a bit lengthy and I think the story could have been told just as well with 50-100 fewer pages. I began to lose interest in the story and kept hoping it would move along at a faster pace or that there were a lot of previews included at the end. I was ready for this story to be over. There were a couple of love scenes between the two main characters of the book that I didn’t find all that well-written either. I felt they could have been left out and the book wouldn’t have lost anything.

All in all this wasn’t a horrible book but wasn’t the greatest book I’ve read either. This was the third book in the series and maybe if I had read the two previous I would feel different. I doubt I go back and read the other two though.

I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinion which I have given.


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