Amongst the Flames by T.K. Chapin (review by Kristi)

amongst the flames

I can’t say no to books. I just can’t. And so when the author of this book wrote me a note complimenting a review I had written of a book by another author and asked if I would read and review this book, of course, I said yes. Having never read anything by this author I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was not disappointed as I enjoyed this story.

It is clear the author did his research on firefighters and firehouses. He captured the personalities of the different firefighters well. From the young, somewhat cocky fireman to the older, more settled guys the characters come across as authentic and genuine. The relationship between Cole and his wife and kids was also well-written and their relationship seemed real. They were easy to relate to and it was easy to understand their points of view. These could very well be the people next door.

I liked the pace of the book. Everything that happens lets you know more about these characters and the story never gets stale. I couldn’t put the book down as I wanted to know if Cole and Megan would be able to save their marriage or if a split was imminent.

The author was able to get the book’s message across without seeming to preach to the reader. I liked how he did this through the conversations between the characters and working in Bible passages that were genuine to the story he was telling.

If you like Christian romance I think you will enjoy this well-written read.

I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review which I have given.


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