A Promise of Grace by Lynette Sowell (review by Kristi)

A Promise of Grace~Lynette Sowell

Rochelle Kiem and Silas Fry were a couple, but they drifted apart and went their separate ways. Years later Silas moves to Pinecraft, FL to make a fresh start with his two children. Pinecraft is also where Rochelle is living with her two nieces and running a successful cleaning business. The two try to forget the past and build a friendship based on their current lives. Will they be able to succeed? Will friendship lead to more?

I liked the storyline of this book and thought it would be a really interesting read. However, something just fell flat and I didn’t enjoy the book like I thought I would. I liked learning of Silas and Rochelle’s past through the flashbacks. I liked the characters of the book and thought they were well developed.

What was it that fell flat then? I didn’t feel like I was reading an Amish fiction book. The characters range from Old Order Amish to Mennonite but could have been anyone. It was too easy to forget they were Amish/Mennonite. I almost felt like the Amish aspect was added in to sell more copies of the book. Even the book being set in Pinecraft didn’t seem as authentic as in other Amish fiction books I’ve read.

This book was an ok read as I did enjoy the storyline. This was a nice story about love lost and perhaps regained.

I received a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinions which I have given.


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