Missing by Shelley Shepard Gray (review by guest reviewer Angela Wodkowski)


In such a small town where everyone knows everybody you don’t think you are going to hear about a murder, especially the death of an Amish teen. And yet this is exactly the setting for this particular book and the two that follow. Perry Borntrager has been missing for a few months. He had gotten himself into some tangled relationships with the wrong crowd, and the citizens of his small Kentucky town had assumed he ran off with them. Little did they all know until Abby Anderson runs across Perry’s body. Perry had been murdered, and no one knows exactly why. Up until he had met his new “friends” Perry had been your all around good kid. He had a girlfriend, Lydia Plank. He had a job, and had good friends, including Abby’s brother (the Englischer), Walker. Now that Perry is gone, the talk of this small town is who could have done this and why? Two of the main people that are questioned and is the center of the storyline is Lydia and Walker. They have Perry as a common thread and together they have to battle their own feelings about Perry, as well as their own personal struggles with life in general. As they walk down this path together the realize they have more in common than they thought even though their backgrounds are so different.

Just like all of her other writings and stories, Shelley Shepard Gray truly has a way to get you sucked into her books and not want to let go. She writes about believable and beautiful characters, so much so that you could see them as friends. And in a way, they are. She has caused you to open a page and automatically fall in love with these wonderful people. I have a small confession: I am not a mystery reader and yet, this series is one of my favorites that Shelley has done. From the first page of Missing until the last page of the third book, Found..I was hooked. A must read for sure!!

And now for a “Missing” extra from Shelley Shepard Gray: My favorite part of the series was Aaron’s store. Because the whole series was so dark, I wanted some kind of comic relief and Aaron’s love for those animals never failed to make me smile. I don’t remember which book in the series featured guinea pigs for sale, but I remember grinning like a fool when I wrote about them. The most difficult part of the novel was keeping the timeline straight. Missing takes place over fourteen days, which the second book in the series starting the very next day. I ended up writing the date and time at the beginning of every single scene so I wouldn’t drive my editors crazy. 😉

Missing is the first book in The Secrets of Crittenden County series (published 2012).

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This week’s Throwback Thursday reviewer is Angela Wodkowski.  Angela lives in Michigan. Angela loves to spend time with her nephew, Elijah, cook, read, and travel. Angela has a huge admiration of Shelley, and thinks everyone should read her books.


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