The Major’s Faux Fiancee by Erica Ridley (review by Kristi)

The Major's Faux Fiancee
Having not read the first three books in the series I was a little worried that I would be lost in reading this, the fourth installment in the Dukes of War series.  My worry was soon gone because this book stands on its own.  It does follow the typical Regency romance recipe but with a few surprisingly good differences.
I enjoyed the characters in this book.  I found it refreshing that Daphne, even though she needed Blackpool’s help to avoid a forced, unwanted marriage, was intelligent, driven and also showed vulnerability.  Blackpool, while being the typical Regency male wasn’t perfect in body and had his own vulnerable side.  The two together were a good match.  Their feelings seemed genuine and authentic to the story. I enjoyed the fact that they knew each other and there wasn’t the usual “hate at first sight” aspect commonly found in this genre.
The storyline is typical of this genre but still interesting.  I enjoyed the scene where all the prospective grooms were in the dining room to see Daphne.  It almost seemed like a scene out of “The Bachelorette” tv show.  While this book is for the most part “clean”, there is one intimate scene between the two that is quite descriptive.  I think this could have been left out or less descriptive and not taken away from the story.
All in all this is a good book.  I believe fans of the genre will enjoy the book.  I would like to read the previous books now just to know the other characters more.

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