A Conversation With J.E.B. Spredemann and Giveaway!!!!!!

J.E.B. Spredemann just released their new book, An Undeniable Secret, the fourth book in their Amish Secrets series.  To help celebrate we are shining the spotlight on Jennifer, Emily, and Brandi, the three ladies that make up J.E.B. Spredemann.  We hope you enjoy learning about these three ladies and their writing process as much as we did.

Two Girls:  Are people surprised that “J.E.B.” is not one person but three? 

J.E.B.: First of all, we’d like to thank you for interviewing us today! Now to answer your question…  I think so.  I think people are also surprised when they find out that we are female.  (Note: The Amish Girls Series and A Christmas of Mercy were penned by all three; the others were penned solely by J. Spredemann.)

Two Girls:  What is the process with three of you writing?  Do you think it’s more difficult to write together than separate?

J.E.B.: Basically, we switch off at certain scenes, or we’ll determine who would like to write which part.  I (Jennifer) do several read-throughs during and after writing to make sure the story flows seamlessly.  We unanimously agree that writing together is much easier than writing separately.

Two Girls: What inspired you to write Amish fiction and why do you think people are so drawn to this genre?

J.E.B.: I (Jennifer) loved reading Amish fiction before I ever considered writing it.  I think many are drawn to Amish fiction because we find their seemingly simple lives intriguing.

Two Girls:  How long did it take from the idea of writing a book to becoming published?  What advice would you give to someone who wants to write?

J.E.B.: We began writing in January of 2012, and we published in November of the same year.  My advice to aspiring writers is to just do it.  Write what you’re called to write about, have others (who’ve read similar books in your genre) read the book and give their honest opinion, get a hold of some good writing books to hone your craft. And don’t give up.

Two Girls: What is your favorite part of the writing process and which is your least favorite?

J.E.B.: My favorite part is discovering who my characters are. I’m seldom aware of this at the onset of the story.  Bit by bit, my characters reveal who they are, what their weaknesses/strengths are, and what they’d like to accomplish in life.

As far as the least favorite part, that would be waiting-for the editing, for the formatting, for the production of the audiobooks.  Waiting=not good. tiny smiley face  Perhaps I need to learn patience? 😉  LOL!

Kristi from Two Girls is right there with you on the waiting part J.E.B.  Waiting is the worst. 😉

Two Girls: Have there been any differences of opinion on how a storyline should go?

J.E.B.:  Not really.  We tend to think alike on a lot of things, and we usually don’t know how the plot will play out until we actually write it.

Two Girls: Do you have a particular time of day or night when you prefer to work on a new book you’re writing?

J.E.B.: When we write together, it’s usually during the day.  I, Jennifer, typically write at night when the house is silent. tiny smiley face

Two Girls: If so, can one person work on something then bring it to the other’s attention for approval?

J.E.B.: That’s usually about what we do.

Two Girls: Is it difficult to go from “mom mode” to “coauthor mode”, Jennifer?

Jennifer: Not especially.  The girls are really good sports. tiny smiley face

Two Girls: Do any of the other children in your family aspire to write? If so, do they lean towards Amish fiction or another genre?

J.E.B.: No. They have other interests.  Pilot, horse trainer, pastry chef, singer/comedian, etc. 

Two Girls: How crazy do things get when the three of you are writing, but school and family activities go on?

J.E.B.: We try not to have too many things going on at once.  When it’s time to write, we just knuckle down and do it.

Two Girls: Do any of you have a favorite book that you’ve written?  Do any of you have a favorite character that you’ve created?

J.E.B.: Choosing a favorite book is too difficult a task.  As for a favorite character, Jonathan Fisher is the favorite for all of us, hands down.  We had such a fun time writing about his antics. 

Thank you, ladies, for taking the time to answer all of our questions.  We can’t wait for your next book!  Now, when is that????  (The waiting thing you know…lol.)

Be sure to check out all of the books in the Amish Secrets series:

An Unforgivable Secret A Secret Encounter     An Undeniable Secret

(Click on the book cover to go to its page on Amazon)

At the time of this blog posting An Unforgivable Secret is FREE on Amazon and there is special pricing on An Undeniable Secret.  Please check pricing before purchasing as prices can change without notice.

Connect with J.E.B Spredemann on Facebook, Twitter (@amishjeb), and Pinterest.  You can also visit their website for all things J.E.B. Spredemann by clicking here.


We are giving away a signed copy of Learning to Love~Saul’s Story by JEB Spredemann.  Winner will be announced Sunday May 24.  Just comment on this post to be entered.  Good luck to all!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “A Conversation With J.E.B. Spredemann and Giveaway!!!!!!

  1. Very interesting interview. I would be thrilled to add this book to my collection. Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway.


  2. Oh my, I am on the Spredemann “Sprede The Word Team” and had no idea this is 3 women. Y’all do such a good job. Loved this interview. Would love to have a copy of Learning to Love. Thank you.


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