The Sound of Glass by Karen White (review by Kristi)

The Sound of Glass

What a wonderfully written, well thought out book. This was the first book I’ve read by this author and I loved her writing style. This book is one of those that you will want to sink your reader’s teeth into and get lost in the story.

This story spans several decades, starting in the 1950’s and ending in present day. The story is told primarily in the present with snippets of the past interspersed throughout. These parts are the story of Edith, an interesting individual who has secrets of her own that are uncovered throughout the book. I liked the way the story was told with the present and past mixed together. It was interesting to uncover the secrets of the past throughout the book.

The characters are well developed and complex. They have their own distinct personalities that really came through in the story. Even though I didn’t care for her at first Loralee grew on me and I especially enjoyed her words of truth and the “Mama said,” bits of wisdom throughout the book. Loralee was much more than the shallow woman she appeared to be at first. Owen was a sweet ten-year-old boy who tugged at my heart. I found Edith to be a very interesting character who was years ahead of where women were throughout the years. The author’s true talent was visible in how she created these three very different individuals.

I enjoyed the setting of this book and with the descriptions written felt like I was there. I could feel the sun shining down or storms moving over as I was reading about them.

This book is a little long at 400+ pages but is well worth the time reading. This book is full of secrets, suspense, sorrow and joy. I felt like the story became a little heavy at the end and would have liked a bit more lightness before it ended.

This was the first book by this author but won’t be the last. I will be on the lookout for more of her books.

I was given a free copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for my honest opinion which I have given.


One thought on “The Sound of Glass by Karen White (review by Kristi)

  1. I, too, was a NetGalley reader for this book. For whatever reason, it took a while before I actually read it, and even though I figured out where and how the book progressed ( and also agree with you around the length) I was in tears for a while after I finished it. It is a very powerful book and I gave it five stars

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