An Amish Cradle review by Guest Blogger and Giveaway Winner Robin Bunting

amish cradle

An Amish Cradle is a wonderful collection of Amish stories about newborns.  Each story deals with a particular problem occuring around the baby or the mother.
From the first sentence of each story, I was totally engaged in the lives of each family.  My emotions were engaged in each story.  Concern about the outcome and feelings for the parents were rampant as I read each one.
Each story showed how the Amish have a strong God’s will faith.  However, that in no way prevents them from all the human feelings and emotions in each situation.
The stories were well written and I could easily picture myself right there taking part in all that was going on.  Each author, of course, placed a special cradle of one kind or another in their story.
The Amish world totally fascinates me and I like reading about how they deal with life in general and problems specifically.  While their world is separate and seems like an ideal life, reading these stories opens my eyes to just how hard their life is.
Thank you Beth Wiseman, Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, and Vannetta Chapman for sharing such an excellent collection with the world.

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