Married for Christmas by Noelle Adams (review by Kristi)

married for Christmas

Daniel wants to be the pastor at his childhood church. They want someone who is married. Jessica wants a husband and family. It only makes sense for the two of them to get married so they can both get what they want. There is only one problem and that is Daniel is a widower and has said he won’t fall in love again. Their marriage will not be one based on love. Jessica thinks she can handle this so agrees. After getting married though Jessica wonders if she can live in a loveless marriage. Can they truly live as husband and wife if there is no love?
This was a fast-paced, predictable read. I liked the story line, even though you can probably guess what will happen between the two. The story is a sweet romance and is easy to get into and stay interested in from beginning to end. This was an easy read as it only took hours to finish. There are several grammatical/spelling errors but they are not too distracting. However, these did bring down the rating I gave the book.

The author starts out with a note that this is not a spiritual book but rather a book about spiritual people. I found this note to be accurate as there are a few tastefully done love scenes.

Overall I really enjoyed reading this book. It is a quick, easy weekend read.


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