Becoming Bea

Bea Zook isn’t really sure just who she is and where she fits in the community. When she is told the family will be vacationing in Montana and that she must go Bea decides to get a job. She gets a position working for the Millers helping them with their newborn preemie triplets. She is also able to spend more time with Ben Rupp, former classmate and spelling bee rival. Bea realizes her feelings for Ben aren’t what they used to be and the two try to work out their past issues. Things stand in their way though and it is unclear if the two will be able to work through their issues. All of this helps Bea discover just who she truly is as she gains experience and confidence in herself.

This was a truly enjoyable book to read. It was easy to get into and stay interested in from beginning to end. I could easily relate to the main character,Bea, and found myself cheering for her and Ben to put their past behind them and be happy together.

I love Leslie’s writing style and descriptions. There is a scene where Ben and Bea are in Ben’s buggy and go through a lane of trees that is so well written I could easily picture everything in my mind. I felt as if I were there in the buggy with them, seeing everything they were seeing.

I loved this book and the characters so much that I stayed up late to finish it then was sad that it ended. When this happens I know the book has been great. This was the first book of Leslie’s that I have read and if definitely won’t be the last! I definitely recommend this book to fans of Amish fiction or just someone who likes a nice sweet romance.

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest opinion which I have provided.

Becoming Bea becoming bea

Review of “Joyful” by Shelley Shephard Gray


Get settled in your favorite reading spot with Joyful, the third book in the Return to Sugarcreek series by Shelley Shephard Gray.

I’ve always known what a gifted author Shelley is, but she has written a beautiful and touching story about the Beiler family,the Grabers and other beloved characters that we’ve met at The Sugarcreek Inn.

Her unique character development and attention to detail is incredible and draws you in from the first page.

This author has the ability to make you feel the emotions her characters are feeling. I laughed with them,cried with them and even celebrated with them. I think that everyone who reads this book will do the same.

This is one book you will not be able to put down. It really is that good!!!


In Search of a Love Story by Rachel Schurig

Rachel Schurig knows how to write a good book! This was the second book of Rachel’s I have read and I loved this one as much as I did the first. She knows how to grab your interest from page one and keep you interested until the very end.

This book was fantastic. I felt like I knew and was friends with the characters from the first page. I truly felt like I was part of their circle. They were down-to-earth and well rounded. They could easily be anyone’s group of friends.

The storyline of this book was great. It is chic-lit for sure but there is a sweet romance lying just under the surface. I just loved the sweetness of this story. It may sound corny but reading this book made me feel happy and warm inside. There is nothing heavy in this book it is just a light, sweet romance.

I definitely recommend this book and author to anyone looking for a sweet romance or to those who love chic-lit. I will for sure read more of this author’s work and will be adding the rest of the books in this series to my wish list.–Kristi

In Search of a Love Storyin search of a love story

Secrets of Sloane House by Shelley Shepard Gray

Wow! I absolutely loved this book! This was the first non-Amish book by Shelley Shepard Gray (writing as Shelley Gray)that I have read. I was a little hesitant to read it but am I ever glad I did!

Set against the backdrop of the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, Rosalind Perry has left her family in Wisconsin to find out what happened to her sister who disappeared while working for the Sloane family in their house full of secrets. Rosalind is warned against uncovering the many secrets of Sloane House but nothing will stop her from finding her sister.

Shelly’s writing in this book is superb! The story takes off right away and the reader is quickly transported to 1893 Chicago. The descriptions of the houses, city and fair are so well written it is almost like being there!

Rosalind is easy to immediately like and sympathize with. The Sloane family is uppity, unlikeable and untrustworthy and is written so the reader automatically dislikes them without knowing exactly why. There was also the character of Reid Armstrong who almost lives in both the lower class and upper class worlds. Of course there are all the various friends of the family and house staff that keep the story interesting and moving along.

I just can’t say enough how much I loved this book. I was anxious to get to the end to see what happened but was sad that the story was over. This is book one in a series and the second book won’t be out until Spring 2015.–Kristi

Secrets of Sloane Housesecrets of sloane house